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New Owner Occupied Single Family Dwellings:

30 Yr. Fixed: 5.750%        5.984% APR

20 Yr. Fixed: 5.375%        5.684% APR

15 Yr. Fixed: 4.875%        5.260% APR

Residential Real Estate:

1 Year ARM: 3.000%        3.518% APR

3 Year ARM: 3.500%        3.705% APR

5 Year ARM: 4.000%         4.211% APR 

(Based on the U.S.

Treasury Index)


Interest Rates on these

loans may increase

during the life of the




20 Yr. Fixed: 5.625%

5.811% APR


1 Year ARM: 3.250%

3.420% APR


3 Year ARM: 3.750%

4.01% APR


5 Year ARM: 4.250%

4.426% APR


(Based on the U.S.

Treasury Index)


Interest Rates on these

loans may increase

during the life of the



Rates quoted to

qualified applicants

will be based

on applicant’s credit

standing at the time

of application. Actual

rates may differ.

Rates displayed are

accurate as of the

date of the latest

update and are

subject to change

without notice.

Last Updated

Tuesday, August

18th, 2015.



First Liberty National Bank is committed to helping you find the right mortgage product for your needs. We understand that every borrower is different, and we offer a variety of products to meet your individual requirements. We make the process of securing a mortgage simple and straightforward by offering you the latest in financial tools that enable you to make sound financial choices.

The First Liberty National Bank offers its Real Estate lending services in the following counties in the State of Texas: Liberty, Chambers, Polk, Hardin and the Eastern portion of Harris.


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First Liberty National Bank has always been very active in financing homes in the Liberty / Dayton area. We believe treating our customers fairly. For customer’s that do not understand home loans, our loan officers and loan secretaries take great pride in working with you. We will walk you through the application process. We want you to know that we care.  

We offer a variety of homes loans: 

  • Conventional loans with up to 95% financing.

We can finance several different types of homes:

  • Standard home
  • Manufactured home and land 
  • Home and acreage
  • Second homes
  • Beach property
  • Lake property

While our traditional trade area has been Liberty and Chambers Counties. Now, we have expanded our lending area to include parts of Harris, Polk and Jefferson Counties.

We have Mortgage Lending Officers waiting to help you now.

Kristy Williford - NMLS ID No. 478477

Diane Huddleston - NMLS ID No. 461443

W. Earle Connevey - NMLS ID No. 461441

The First Liberty National Bank - NMLS ID No. 460977


Kristy Williford

NMLS ID NO: 478477





NMLS ID NO: 461443



Earle Connevey

NMLS ID NO: 461441





NMLS ID NO: 460977